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Today it's the last day of school for winter break. I'm leaving school early today to go to the mall with my best friend Jamie. I am leaving quarter to 12:00. At the mall I will probably spend all my money because of how silly I am but I am going to try and save some money. During the winter break I will post some pictures of my cookies, muffins and maybe a pie! I know I have not showed my baking pictures so far, but I am sure you guys will love them :>
Bye for now!


Today I had a dentist appointment at 8:00 in the morning! I set my alarm for 6:00 but slept in until 6:40. (P.S. I also had to wake up my mom and my brother)After, when I got to school, we had an assembly and my brother was in it. He did not sing a lot, but I liked the music and the dancing. I found a really awesome cook book by the nerdy nummies (I'm a really big fan) and I screen shot the apple pie recipe before I actually got the book. I may ask for it for Christmas. In the New Year I am going to make the apple pie for my friends and their parents at TaeKwon Do. See you guys tomorrow!


Today is my first day on my blog. I won't post every day, (maybe because I am busy etc.) But when I post it won't be boring. To start of, I bake. You probably already figured that out. Also, the food that I bake is really good. I will share a pic of some stuff I make. On Christmas, I will make cookies for Santa. I have already made Cheesecake brownies, chocolate muffins, chocolate chip granola, Double chocolate chip cookies and some other yummy stuff. Of course not all for Santa (LOL.) I will share again soon, but I have written a lot. See you guys soon!