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Tomorrow, its valentine's day. I have not really baked anything for a week or 2 but I will tomorrow. (Hopefully.) Comment what pastry you think I should bake, (because I have way too many ideas) and I will post a picture of them. Also, during the weekend, my dad found a chocolate banana cheesecake recipe, so he is excited for me to bake that.If you comment, leave your name so I know who is giving me which suggestion. I will type again soon!
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Sorry you guys cant see the instruction so well.
The Challah is really good, and I had some leftover, so I made a bagel. Lol


Today, at my bat mitzvah class, and my mom and I made Challah. when I am older, I want to have a bakery with challah at my bakery. I will save the challah I made today for tomorrow, because tomorrow is shabbat. The challah we made today was honestly SO YUMMY!!! I loved it so much, I got the recipe and will be making it for every Friday. I will post a picture of the challah, and the recipe. The other day, I also made a lemon pound cake from Nerdy Nummies. I wont be posting a picture, but It is yummy. Something went wrong with it though, because it did not bake in the center. It was still dough.


Today, I already finished my homework, and now I just have to read for 30 minutes. Tomorrow I have a field trip, but we are really going to the Raptors 905 game. I have never really been to a basketball game, only a bluejays game, 2 years ago with my class. I don't really care that the 905 game is not the real Raptors, because I will still have fun with my friends.During the weekend, I will be making some fudge, like I mentioned before. today was not really about baking, but I had nothing else better to do, so I am just doing my blog for today.

Lemon Sugar Cookies

These are the cookies that I made. They are shaped as different sizes of flowers, and I put one on top of the jar. I still have some, and they are DELICIOUS. This picture is from yesterday that is why there is not a lot of cookies. I forgot to mention that the name of the cookies were called "Lemon Sugar Cookies." I didn't really add all the sugar needed to make them really "Sugar Cookies." But The title is the name of the cookies so you probably already guessed that's the name of the cookies.


Today, I used the rest of the dough from the cookies that I made. I was going to post a picture yesterday, but it got late and I was really tired. Anyways, today was the first day back at school. I played with my friends, and we got our tests back. The cookie recipe I used was from the Nerdy Nummies cookbook. I w'ont be making all of my treats from that cookbook, but I will be making more. There is a kids cookbook I got from Amazon and I will make the "Favourite Fudge" recipe. I am not sure when I will make it but soon... hopefully.


Today I will be going to the store to get some ingredients to make star constellation cookies. After they have been made, I will post a picture of them. The recipe will again be from the nerdy nummies cookbook, because I am trying to be more open to making different types of things. I have mostly made cookies, some brownies, and muffins. Yesterday and the day before, I went to the cooking class at Superstore. It was fun, but we mostly decorated instead of cooked. Don't hesitate to ask me a question! And I will post a picture of the Cookies, Don't worry about that.